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The taste of freshly baked bread, your favorite porridge or freshly squeezed juice, this is only a small fraction of everything that can be prepared with the help of faithful helpers from a Japanese manufacturer

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Large selection of Panasonic blenders - you can choose a submersible or stationary model with the desired power.

This is an indispensable technique in the kitchen, which will help you chop vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds in a few seconds; will help in the preparation of smoothies and purees, desserts and healthy eating.

An irreplaceable thing at home, in the office, in the professional kitchen.

With Panasonic's range of coffee makers, you can easily find the right solutions for preparing coffee according to various recipes, making delicious traditional and original drinks without any extra effort.

Panasonic microwave ovens are simply indispensable for fast, high-quality and convenient heating of food and drinks.

They allow you to accurately set the time and power, which allows you to achieve maximum control during the cooking of products, use with comfort and pleasure, save time and get the highest quality and tasty food.

Choose modern Panasonic mixers to easily and successfully prepare dough, creams and any mixtures.

Due to the rapid rotation of special elements, they will allow you to whip products, achieve a uniform consistency when combining almost any ingredient, while significantly saving time and effort.

By choosing a Panasonic multicooker , you are making a valuable investment in healthy and tasty food without extra effort and time.

This cooking technique will help preserve the maximum usefulness of the products, make them tasty and fragrant, while you do not need any culinary skills to use it.

Grinding meat and fish for a variety of dishes will not require effort from you thanks to the use of Panasonic meat grinders .

You can choose in the catalog appliances with any parameters and power that will be relevant for home or professional kitchens.

Cooking fresh juices, processing fruits and vegetables, getting high-quality natural juice - all this is easy and profitable to do when using Panasonic juicers .

With them, it is possible to achieve the most profitable outcome - high-quality squeeze with minimal time.

Panasonic's modern thermopots are an excellent hybrid of a kettle and a thermos, which will be a great helper in making tea and other drinks, baby food, and also for optimizing the composition of water.

The device is especially relevant for coffee houses, bars, restaurants, but it will also be a convenient solution in everyday life when hot water is constantly needed.

With Panasonic bread machines , you can easily bake bread with any ingredients of interest, which is very valuable if you want to control your nutrition.

To use the device, you do not need skills and experience in cooking - you just need to put the ingredients in a special container and set up the technique, which is very convenient and practical.

Choose Panasonic refrigerators according to your needs in terms of size, equipment, power, energy consumption, type of cooling system and design, with or without a freezer compartment.

There are a lot of options to choose from that are suitable for various purposes, where everyone will find the best solution for themselves.

Convenient and practical kettles from Panasonic will delight you with long service life, durability, practicality in operation.

Separately, it is worth noting that during their development, special attention is paid to safety characteristics so that you can use these electrical appliances without unnecessary fear.

Modern business daily presents a lot of, at first glance, unsolvable tasks, which can only be handled by an experienced professional.

Panasonic business equipment is the professional who will take on the main burden of solving routine problems.

Panasonic analog proprietary telephones (PBXs) are a popular solution for various enterprises and organizations where telephone communication is actively used in their work.

In addition to models with basic functions, you can successfully pick up various modern solutions with a wide range of features.

The use of Panasonic IP cameras is in great demand when creating high-quality modern security systems, as well as for video surveillance for a variety of purposes, for cars and various vehicles.

The manufacturer introduces the latest technologies into the development of these products, significantly expanding the possibilities for the modern user.

High-quality system devices for ip-telephony for Panasonic business are convenient for high-quality communication, calls to customers, communication between branches, and so on.

You can select suitable options in the catalog using filters - this will help you find devices that are suitable for your purposes and will be the most profitable, taking into account all requests.

For offices, Panasonic faxes remain in high demand, despite the fact that a variety of convenient means of communication have appeared.

Equipped with various modern additional functions, their efficiency in application is very high - choose a model in the catalog with the characteristics that are important for your work.

As there are no two absolutely identical administrative buildings, so there are no two identical telephone networks.

To solve a huge number of technological solutions related to telephone communications, Panasonic offers its expansion boards .

Panasonic professional equipment sometimes includes features that most users will not need.

If this functionality is not enough for you, Panasonic software products will help expand the functionality of your equipment.

With a variety of projectors from Panasonic , the market leader in projection equipment, you can find the right solution for the office, large events, and even the cinema, with a choice of models with different capabilities.

It is very convenient to show certain graphic, photo and video files to a large audience, including those over long distances.

The office is not the only place where a laptop is needed today, a dusty warehouse, a smelter shop or a mining quarry, this is not a complete list of places where a personal computer is needed.

Panasonic's dust and dirt resistant Toughbook is a solution that has no equal on the market.

No one doubts the fact that using tablets in business processes is not only convenient, but also profitable.

Panasonic offers its brainchild - dust and dirt-resistant Toughpad tablets , which have proven themselves in the field, in the warehouse and in the dusty workshop.

Making life easier is one of the main ideas promoted by Panasonic into everyday reality Panasonic into everyday reality.

With electric toothbrushes, irrigators, epilators, hair dryers, clippers and electric shavers, this idea finds its maximum embodiment.

The convenience and efficiency of Panasonic toothbrushes never ceases to please modern users.

Thanks to their use, thorough cleaning of the oral cavity, teeth, interdental spaces does not require extra effort - the technique copes on its own in a few seconds, gives you a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, which is a key guarantee of health.

For those who strive to achieve a professional level of oral and dental cleaning even at home, Panasonic irrigators are the best solution.

They clean hard-to-reach places very effectively, improve blood supply to the gums, prevent diseases, provide fresh breath and a high level of comfort.

The use of Panasonic epilators is a convenient option for permanently getting rid of excess hair in a wide variety of areas.

Choose devices according to the characteristics that are optimal for your goals, individual preferences and needs - you can easily find the option that will be most practical for you to use.

Among the comfortable and functional Panasonic hair dryers are the best solutions for home and salon; there are simple models with minimal features and options with many modes, nozzles and accessories.

They are perfect for fast and high-quality styling without harming the hair - this is very valuable for every modern user.

The use of Panasonic hair clippers allows you to easily carry out accurate local hair removal.

This is very important for facial care - removing hair in the nose, modeling a beard, improving the aesthetics of a haircut in areas where it is impossible to perform an accurate study in other ways.

To choose from in the catalog of Panasonic curling irons, you can choose models of equipment that are convenient and practical for you, which are suitable for giving your hair any desired look, making it attractive, well-groomed and obedient. Choose equipment from a trusted brand for fast and beautiful styling.

Choose equipment from a trusted brand for fast and beautiful styling.

Durable, easy to use and efficient, Panasonic electric shavers are a good opportunity to save your budget and time, while making shaving as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The use of these devices, thanks to the modern technologies used by the manufacturer, will not be traumatic for the skin, will not cause irritation.

The use of modern massage chairs from Panasonic is very important, given the many health and well-being problems that are associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Due to this invention, it is possible to achieve relaxation of overstressed muscles and improve the blood flow of the whole body, which will have a very positive effect on health and general well-being.

To come home and plunge into the pleasant coolness of clean air to turn on your favorite television channel is the dream of any person.

Panasonic is making this dream come true with a huge range of home appliances .

To create climate systems, Panasonic air conditioners are in great demand - they are easy to operate, allow you to create comfortable conditions, and at the same time are very ergonomic in operation.

It is optimal to select this equipment taking into account the type of room, its area and the height of the walls, as a result of requests for air quality.

High-quality TVs from Panasonic are characterized by high definition and image depth.

They are convenient to use, the most environmentally friendly, easy to manage, have a stylish design, easy to install - this is what you need for home, entertainment area in various institutions and for education, where you need to play media files.

Comfortable, ergonomic, durable Panasonic phones are still very popular, in demand for home and office.

They are also equipped with modern functions, which expands the range of their capabilities, making them a practical and efficient tool in the work.

Choose and order modern Panasonic air purifiers - this is exactly what is needed in modern conditions to maintain high indoor air quality.

This is a solution that provides a comfortable state of health, positively affects the health and productivity of a person, makes the conditions in the home and office more favorable and safer.

The use of comfortable modern Panasonic irons allows you to effortlessly take care of your clothes, giving them a neat and beautiful look.

They are lightweight, multifunctional, with various modes and options - there is a convenient suitable option for everyone.

It is almost impossible to imagine the modern world without compact portable power supplies.

Panasonic makes a wide range of batteries , from the miniature ones used in watches to the car batteries used in Tesla vehicles.

The world around us is filled with sounds that enchant with their multifaceted beauty and originality.

Panasonic will help connoisseurs of good sound to plunge into the magical world of sounds with the help of their audio equipment.

The entire range of music centers, headphones and radios can be found on our website.

Among the powerful music centers from Panasonic there are a wide variety of models - both for large events, equipment for studios and clubs, as well as comfortable models for home use.

They will provide you with high quality sound, please you with simple and easy operation, the ability to connect various gadgets, and long service life.

At home near the computer, on a jog in the park or on board an airplane on a business trip, Panasonic headphones will never be superfluous.

Using modern technologies and materials, as well as following fashion trends, Panasonic creates headphones that transmit sound the way the authors intended it.

It would seem that in the 21st century, with its ubiquitous broadband Internet, there should be no place left for analog radios.

But at the cottage with friends or fishing in splendid isolation , Panasonic radios will fill the world around you with the warmth of your favorite tunes.

"Stop, a moment! You're great!" - said the classic. Panasonic has done everything to make the wonderful moments of your life stay with you forever.

Panasonic cameras and camcorders have long and firmly entered our lives and have become true friends of many connoisseurs of "beautiful moments".

Whether you want to zoom in on a distant subject or, on the contrary, do macro photography, Panasonic lenses will always be reliable assistants in your studies.

Covering the entire segment of the requirements for professional optics, Panasonic lenses are widely used in both photo and video shooting.

Panasonic cameras are a brand in the world of professional photography. Mirrorless cameras are well-deservedly popular with photographers around the world.

But not only Panasonic makes them. Lumix compact cameras are easy to use and allow you to take great photos without special skills.

Panasonic camcorders are the official cameras of all Olympic Games. It's impossible to imagine a problem they couldn't handle. Not only professional studio camcorders brought fame to Panasonic.

Small household cameras shoot video in 4K resolution, which will allow any user to capture moments of his life in the highest quality.

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