PLC Adapters

PLC Adapters

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PLC адаптер Panasonic DA-PU100

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PLC адаптер Panasonic DA-PU100


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Устройство Рабочая среда Температура: -25°C – +60°C Влажность: 20% - 85% (без конденсата) Уровень защиты от пыли ..

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Connect your objects to the network with ease.
Multihop PLC Adapter
Build a high speed network using your power lines

No need to install dedicated lines.

All you need for high speed data transmission is a power line.

The multi-hop function allows you to support data transmission over long distances even in a large factory or building.

Reliable dust protection

Dust protection level IP5X.

Ensures safe and reliable use even in a dusty environment in a factory / building or in a place where maintenance provision is not available for a long time.

Interface Options

The adapter supports three interface standards. In addition to Ethernet and USB, RS-485 is included as standard, allowing you to connect legacy devices, which greatly expands the scope.

HD-PLC is Panasonic's name for a high-speed power line communication system. HD-PLC is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation in Japan and other countries. "HD-PLC" stands for High Definition Power Line Communication.

Working environment
Temperature: -25°C - +60°C Humidity: 20% - 85% (non-condensing)
Dust protection level
External dimensions (W*H*D)
Approx. 75mm × 102mm × 47mm (Device only. Not including protrusions)
The weight
Approx. 260 g (Device only)
PLC x 1, Ethernet x 1, RS-485 x 1, USB x 1
Power requirements
AC120V - 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption
Average 4 W, Max. 7 W (100 V) Average 6 V, Max. 8.5V (240V)
RS-485 port
Connection method
half duplex
Maximum cable length
1200 m
Communication speed
300 / 600 / 1.200 / 2.400 / 4.800 / 9.600 / 19.200 / 38.400 / 57.600 / 115.200 / 230.400 / 250.000 / 460.800 / 921.600
Response time
10 ms
Number of connected devices
Maximum. 31 slaves per MASTER
Supported protocols
Applicable AWG wire size
AWG28 - AWG16
Ethernet port
Physical interface
IEEE 802.3 (10BASE-T) / IEEE 802.3u (100BASE-TX) / Auto MDI / MDI-X / Auto Negotiation
TCP/IP (IPv4 / IPv6)
Access method
Number of connected devices
Maximum. 8 devices per MASTER or TERMINAL adapter
USB port
USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 (Type-A)
Shipping method
Control transfer, bulk transfer, interrupt redirection.
Number of connected devices
Maximum. 5 devices per 1 adapter (including hubs). The number of connected devices that can be used on 1 PC - 64 pcs.
PLC port
HD-PLC Multihop
Maximum communication speed
240 Mbps
Frequency range
2 MHz - 28 MHz
Modulation method
Wavelet OFDM (2 PAM - 32 PAM)
128-bit AES encryption
Communication distance
Up to 200 m between PLC adapters
Number of terminal adapters
Maximum 1024 devices per 1 MASTER unit

Multi-hop configuration example

Precautions for use
  • Communication may be delayed or unavailable in certain operating environments. Distance and communication speed vary depending on the connected devices and working environment.
  • Panasonic is not responsible for any loss of data or other direct or indirect damage caused by external factors such as power failure or electrical wiring noise.
  • Devices are shipped configured as a "terminal" by default. When setting up a network using multiple devices, one of them must be reassigned as the “master” using the software that comes with it.